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Blackhawk Princesses

Minutes – December 21014 Longhouse






Blackhawk Princesses Meeting Minutes
Tuesday December 2, 2014 7:30 PM
TR’s Pub 3908 W. 111th Street Chicago, IL

I. Welcome and Prayer to open
II. Attendance

A. Big Dogs – Mike McCready

B. Lady Hawks – Oscar Cumpian

C. Eagles – Tom Curran

D. Fox – Jason Durbin

E. Illini – Bran Harvey

Several Tribe Chiefs did not notify the Nation Chief that they were unable to attend the Longhouse, nor did they arrange someone to attend from the tribe. It is very important that someone from each tribe attend each Longhouse meeting.

III. Chief Report

A. We have 445 members (Dads & Daughters) registered.  Great job!

IV. Past Events

Brookfield Zoo was great success.  Thanks to the LadyHawks for sponsoring their first event.  Well done!  The weather was a bit nasty, but it is every year.  The tent was a great addition.  We discussed getting a banner for our events.  This would have been a perfect for a banner.  The hot cocoa and supplies were $130.

V. Upcoming Events

A. Christmas party

The plans are all in place for the Christmas party.  We have the Ag School reserved, the Santa, DJ, photographer and the food all set.  The place we usually get the jumpy houses cannot do it, so Mike Jucius is looking into another vendor.  The Ilini will handle the food donations and man the front door for check in.  While pre-registration is not required, we are encouraging people to use the registration since we will rely on this method in the future.  We have 237 RSVP’s for the Christmas party, so that is a good sign.  We will do split the pot and football squares at $10/square as these were good fundraisers.

The deadline has passed for sweatshirt registration.  We had a bump in Dads registering in the past week, likely as a result of the sweatshirt deadline.  There were 10 Dads who had registered and paid dues who did not select a sweatshirt.  The Longhouse decided to order sweatshirts for these daughters and estimate the sizes.  There were a few dads who had registered with the site but had not paid their dues.  There are also some known dads who have not registered.  It was decided that we would not buy sweatshirts for those dads.  The policy was in place with a lot of forewarning to register and select a sweatshirt size.  Almost everyone complied.

B. Key Lime Cove

Key Lime Cove is all reserved.  It is $35/person and will be handled through the web site.  Chiefs will be responsible for room assignments.  We have had problems with some dads drinking in the rooms and the girls running through the halls after 11 PM.  Chiefs need to stress this to their dads.  The pizza last year cost almost $900.  The Longhouse decided this was just too much money to spend.

C. Daddy-Daughter Dance

We have confirmed February 8th for this event at Silver Lakes Country Club. We will use the web site to keep a head count of those who are attending.  It worked well with sweatshirts, which was the first time we used the web site, so there is no reason to think it won’t work for the dance.  Last year, we held everyone’s check to ensure attendance.  This worked well to avoid no shows (there were still a few), but it was a bit of a hassle.  We decided to use the Registration list as our list and we will come up with a charge for those Dads who do not attend.  We need to publicize the fact that they will have to pay for their plates if they do not attend.  This is not an unreasonable request.  Hopefully, the number of no shows will be small and we can just collect checks from those Dads rather than go through the web site.

D. Ice Skating

We decided on January 3 from 11:30-1:30 for ice skating at Evergreen park ice rink.  It is $175/hour plus $2.50 per skate rental.  We decided this would be better than roller skating this year.  Mike McCready will handle booking the ice rink and setting it up on the web site.  We will ask people to register so we have an idea of how much hot cocoa to buy.

E.  Wolves Game

We decided on Saturday February 28th for the Wolves game.  Tickets will be $16.50 per person.  Depending on the response, we may rent a bus.  We will handle reservations through the web site.  Mike McCready will handle booking and setting it up on the web site.

G.  Dozin’ with the Dinos

This was a fun event last year for the 50 or so people who attended.  We will look into March 20th at a price of $55 per person.  Mike McCready will handle booking and the web site.

H. Bowling

We will pencil in March 8th for Bowling

I.  South Side Irish Parade

The parade is March 15th and we will have a float.

VII. Future Events

We discussed Medieval Times, Xteme Trampoline and American Girl, but decided we had enough events planned through March, so we will put these events off until a later Longhouse.

VIII. Adjournment

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