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Blackhawk Princesses

Minutes – November 2014 Longhouse






Blackhawk Princesses Meeting Minutes
Tuesday November 3, 2014 7:30 PM
TR’s Pub 3908 W. 111th Street Chicago, IL

I. Welcome and Prayer to open
II. Attendance

A. Big Dogs – Mike McCready

B. Lady Hawks – Oscar Cumpian

C. Chippewa – Jeff Cameron

D. Eagles – Tom Curran

E. Fox – Jim Cotter

F. Illinini – Bran Harvey

G. Robins – Tim Condon

H. Thunderpaws – Marty McCue

I. Treasurer – Mike Jucius

Several Tribe Chiefs did not notify the Nation Chief that they were unable to attend the Longhouse, nor did they arrange someone to attend from the tribe. It is very important that someone from each tribe attend each Longhouse meeting.

III. Chief Report

A. We would like to welcome our newest tribe, the Lady Hawks, and their Chief, Oscar Cumpiann, to the Longhouse. After losing the Wild Stallion tribe last year, it is nice to be back up to 10 tribes again. The daughters in the Lady Hawks go to Mt. Greenwood elementary. Welcome!

IV. Committee Reports
A. Treasurer Report

If you need a check for reimbursement or for a cost, please submit a WRITTEN request for a check to Mike. The new membership site is working well in terms of collecting money. It has made the Chief’s job much easier. The split the pot at the pumpkin hunt raised $200 and the football squares raised $500 for the Nation. These fundraising amounts are important but we want to raise money from people outside the Nation, that is, not just from ourselves.

B. Fundraising Report

We discussed a golf outing and many people felt it may be difficult. Since it wouldn’t be until the spring or fall, the idea was tabled. The key seems to be selling hole sponsorships. The idea was floated that each tribe should be responsible for selling two holes. That would spread the work around.

We will once again do the mandatory raffle tickets. The Cheetah tribe runs the raffle. Each family must purchase (and sell) $100 of raffle tickets. We will begin passing them out by the Christmas party and they will be due one week before the Daddy-Daughter dance. The members will purchase the tickets through the Store and the Tribe Chiefs will be responsible for passing out the tickets and collecting the tickets. Like last year, if you do not buy the raffle tickets, you will not be able to go to the Daddy-Daughter dance.

C. Recruiting Report

Many Chiefs did not get the information (school, address, contact, phone, e-mail, # flyers, e-mail vs. paper) to John & Tim. WE did manage to get flyers out to several schools and we did not get much of a response. This group still grows through Dad to Dad recruitment. Passing out flyers should still be done next year, but much earlier. The Tribe Chiefs must follow through with new inquiries.

D. Community Service Report
WE did not make any progress on Community Service. No one volunteered to head this Committee. Some members felt that the Tribes should handle community service on a tribe by tribe basis.

V. Past Events

The Pumpkin Hunt was a great success. Everyone liked the jumpy house slide because it was so big. Some girls asked about the horse rides and petting zoo, but on our budget, those items were not feasible. Perhaps increasing the budget for next year could include one or more of those items. Everyone agreed the DJ was not missed. Placing the pumpkins in the field was successful since it avoided the girls crossing the street and also from taking the pumpkins too early. The drawback was that the Big Dogs had to carry the remaining pumpkins back from the field. The pinatas went well as did split the pot & football squares. No problem with the permit this year. The bonfire and Chief’s remarks helped serve as a kick off to the year.

VI. Upcoming Events

A. Brookfield zoo

Brookfield zoo is November 23rd. We have a discounted ticket rate if $7.00/pp as opposed to $16.95/adult and $11.95/child. Members are always free. Rather than mess with the headache of tickets, we will have members purchase the tickets directly from Brookfield zoo and print them at home. Because Brian Geary of the Crow, who has run this event the past few years, is traveling for work, it was decided that the Lady Hawks will run this event. Baptism under fire. They will be responsible for the hot chocolate, cookies (though each tribe should bring cookies), set up and take down of the event. An e-mail will go out to the Nation with details about the Pumpkin Hunt.

B. Christmas party

We have confirmed December 14th at the Ag school. The Chippewa and Illini will run the Christmas party. The event will run from 103:30, but we have the school all morning and afternoon. We must make sure the kitchen is spotless since we are not supposed to be using it. The budget for this event will be $2,000 which will include the Santa, printing photos, jumpy houses and food. We will do a food drive this year again. We do a split the pot and football squares. We decided to purchase gray hooded sweatshirts with the Blackhawk Princesses logo on it. The price was $25 apiece, but we will look into a cheaper price. Each daughter will get one sweatshirt as a gift and the remainder can be purchased for $25 each. All Dads must go to the Store and select the size for the daughter, and purchased any additional sweatshirts. The daughter’s sweatshirts will show up as “$0.00″ and select the number of sweatshirts. We will have to cross reference the number of daughters with the number of sweatshirt orders before placing the order. The deadline for ordering will be November 21st. Tribe Chiefs must make their members aware that if you are not registered and if you haven’t selected a size by that date, your daughter will not receive a sweatshirt. The Tribe Chiefs will be the ones taking the heat from Dads who don’t get a sweatshirt, so please follow through on this. The sweatshirts are too expensive to order extras.

C. Key Lime Cove

We have confirmed January 23rd as our reservation at a cost per room of $129, with up to 6 people. We will pay through the Store. We will need to figure out a way to assign rooms for those who will be sharing rooms. We charge $35 per bracelet, which also includes a room, since it is the bracelets we are paying for. Much discussion was had about the pizza party. Last year was very successful since we had our own banquet hall. But, it was very expensive. The prior year we bought the pizza down at the cafe and non-members ate some, and it was expensive. We need to decide if and how we will do pizza this year. Cost is a serious concern.

D. Daddy-Daughter Dance

We have confirmed February 8th for this event at Silver Lakes Country Club. We still need to decide a method to ensure accurate RSVP. We will have the benefit of the Store to manage registration, but that does not include any financial incentive.

VII. Future Events

We will leave future events until our December Longhouse.

VIII. Adjournment

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